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4 Ways to Style Layered Necklaces

Whilst layering Necklaces might currently be on trend, for many of us, this has long been a go-to look for everyday. Building a curated, capsule jewellery collection of your own will no doubt include a collection of beautiful charms and pendants which can be mixed, matched and worn in your own personal way.

We've pulled together 4 of our favourite ways to style the layered necklace look #NeckParty

1. Keeping it feminine

Layering two necklaces of differing lengths that sit around the collar bone is a really feminine look - styled here with a V-neck floral dress, this look works for both day-time casual in the last days of summer as well as styling with a cosy knit for winter.

Layers of gold sparkling on the skin is always a great way to brighten and lift your skin, especially as the summer light starts to fade.

Tip: don't be afraid to mix metals if that's your preference!

2. Strappy Style

During summer its effortless to throw on layers of golden chains with bikinis, swimsuits and strappy dresses - that doesn't mean you have to stop during Winter.

Layer strappy dresses over TShirts, or cosy knits over strappy dresses or bodysuits & jeans - layering your layers, not just your necklaces is a key way to transition a summer-style into the autumn and winter months.

Again, keeping high shine metals against your skin is a great way to brighten and add some soft sparkle.

3. Mixing Textures

Layering necklaces doesn't mean having to stick to the same texture or weight. Layering a chunkier necklace with a complimentary delicate chain is a great way to add some detail and depth to an outfit.

Particularly over higher necklines like a crew neck or collar, the layering of textures adds a real luxe finish. Seen here is our Maya Necklace in metallic Gold paired with our Gemstone Necklace in Ruby. Both necklaces individually have beautifully intricate details but work great as a pair too.

4. For every occasion

As seen here on @5ftofstyle - layered necklaces can work for every look, including Bridal inspired. Worn individually or grouped together this is a really versatile look that will work in your wardrobe for a range of occasions. An instant pop of detail to any neckline.

Seen here - our Compass Necklace in Rose Gold (and our Pineapple Earrings)

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