About Us...

Our Brand

Refined Delux (or RDlux as we are more affectionately known for short) stands for our purpose - taking special memories, moments or inspirations and refining them into luxury pieces of jewellery


Founded by Zara McGregor, RDlux was inspired by the concept of jewellery without compromise - precious, luxe and eco-conscious. Jewellery holds a special & sentimental importance to each of us - like a scent, a flavour or a piece of music that can transport you, jewellery allows us to carry a little piece of something special with us always.

Collected over time, together your jewellery box tells a story about you - the colours, shapes, metals, gemstones...they each reflect a facet of you.

"Jewellery that speaks to your personal sense of style"

Our Philosophy

We set out to create beautiful, feminine jewellery, celebrating details, textures and intricacy - all carefully made.

Every piece in our collection is made in solid Sterling Silver and plated in precious metals (such as Gold and Rose Gold), using crystals, pure silks and precious gemstones alongside.

We work with small-scale gold & silversmiths alongside our signature, hand-crafted pieces so that our collections are entirely hand made or finished in our Shropshire studio. 

Precious - using materials that have intrinsic value and quality

Luxe - hand-crafted techniques and unique designs

Eco-conscious - wherever possible, always opting for environmentally friendly options


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Our Story

As a busy working Mother & Wife, Zara founded RDLux inspired by femininity & a desire to create beautiful, lasting jewellery that didn't have to be a compromise. 

Taking skills and traditional hand-crafted techniques handed down through her family, Zara set about creating a unique jewellery collection that resonates with individual style rather than broad-brush trends. 

"We mix our signature hand-braiding, which has been perfected over several years based on skills passed down through my family, alongside tiny glistening charms, delicate rows of crystals, faceted gemstones and whisper-fine chains."


Our Inspirations

Inspired by stories, heritage, traditions and time-honoured techniques. Taking skills and practices handed down through generations to celebrate detail and intricacy.

We bring you a collection which draws together beautiful materials; pure silks, faceted gemstones and precious metals, with hand-crafted detail and finishing.

Inspired by our own jewellery box - stemming from items collected on travels, special memories and often inspiration from nature. Handmade pieces which each tell a story, from considered and intentionally-imperfect details to gemstones each with their own meaning and healing properties. From braiding to floral patterns, we celebrate the warmer months in pieces intended to be worn all year through. 

Thankful for family, health, happiness and cherishing the little things in life that bring us joy. We take pride in creating items that we truly love, and hope you will love just as much too.

Come and curate your personal jewellery story with us.