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Precious. Luxe. Eco-conscious.

As a busy working mother & wife myself, I founded RDlux inspired by femininity & a desire to create beautiful, lasting jewellery that didn't have to be a compromise.

Refined Delux, or RDLux for short, describes what we are all about - taking memories & inspirations and refining them into keepsake pieces that are truly Luxe.

Our ever-evolving capsule collection is designed in our Shropshire studio & hand-crafted with small-scale Goldsmiths or in house.

We mix our signature hand-braiding, which has been perfected over several years based on skills passed down through my family, alongside tiny glistening charms, delicate rows of crystals, faceted gemstones & whisper-fine chains.


"taking memories & inspirations and refining them into truly luxe pieces"

Inspired by our own jewellery box, all of our pieces stem from items collected on travels, from special memories or inspirations. We want every piece we make to play an important part in our collection - something that we curate personally that is a true reflection of our individual style.

This is all about you - layering, stacking or keeping it simple; jewellery to reflect your look, your mood, your vibe or your personality - speaking to your individual sense of style.

Attention to detail is important to us - in the way our pieces are made and also in the close-up textures and details. Diamond cut facets, sparkling tiny crystals, hand braiding and intricate pendants are intrinsic to our jewellery.

Sentimental & beautiful pieces which are made to last & carry with you, with a sustainable conscience for genuine luxe.

We take pride in creating items that we truly love, and hope you will love just as much too.

Come and curate your personal jewellery story with us.

About Us 




Precious, Luxe & eco-friendly. We are an Award-winning British Jewellery Label.

Founded on femininity and inspired by an individual sense of style, our jewellery is an ever-evolving capsule collection.

Handmade in our Shropshire studio or with small-scale Goldsmiths, we create jewellery to "wear everyday and treasure always".




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