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Jewels from the Earth

We place such value on materials and objects that come from below the Earth's surface, rightfully so - treasuring a beautiful piece of Gold, Oyster-made Pearls or faceted Gemstones. Not only do these materials have monetary and sentimental value but there is also something in the value they bring physically when worn.

The warmth that precious metals take on when next to your skin (as with wedding, engagement & eternity rings or the pieces of jewellery that you never take off) it is easy to forget that they are on once your body becomes accustomed to them. Similarly, gemstones bring an energy and an influence each of their own. These unique values intrigue us and whilst personally in the RDLux studio, we are all about Natural remedies, homeopathy and healthy eating, the value in natural or earth-made objects is truly insightful. This isn't a new concept - Tribal, Native and Indigenous people have long worn jewellery crafted from natural materials. The ultimate reason for the value we place on these materials comes from their infinite quantities and often difficulty to source.

Have you ever watched Gold Rush - its and eye opener to see the time and energy it takes to produce the tiniest granules of pure gold.

Most recently we have become fascinated with the healing and influential powers of certain Gemstones - our favourite is Mother of Pearl which is a symbol of strength and resilience - juxtaposed to it's iridescent, soft and reflective appearance and certainly brings us a sense of confidence when worn. Similarly Amethyst is known for it's healing and balancing powers, Sapphire for it's intuition, mental clarity and spiritual enhancements, Pink Opal for it's calming and soothing properties - we could go on. These beliefs date way back - it is known that the Ancient Mayans, Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and so on, all appreciated the power of Gemstones.

Recently, the rise of a diversity in Gemstones in Demi-fine and Fine jewellery has been noticeable. A recent Financial Times article, for example, highlighted the rise in popularity in Pink-Opals as a viable alternative to more highly prized stones such as Diamonds. Whilst this may not be widely based on the healing properties of gemstones, this additional quality in itself adds even more value to a piece of jewellery if known by the customer. With jewellery more commonly being purchased as a self-investment rather than being given as a gift, to know you are buying something which can bring more than just an aesthetic, style or material quality is truly valuable. Something to wear as a talisman, personal charm or like a miniature piece of armour.

Similarly with metals, knowing that your piece of jewellery is made from something precious is, for us, non-negotiable. Even Sterling Silver guarantees that you will never be left with a green hue when it's taken off. And with Gold Plating over Sterling Silver (as used in most of our jewellery collection) even when the plating eventually begins to fade (this should be after a vast amount of time if a high-micron plating is used and the jewellery is taken care of) the resulting soft-finish Gold is really quite beautiful. Even with White Gold (which is simply treated Yellow Gold) when the white finish eventually wears back to yellow gold, again the gradual colour fade is a quality of the piece - and can be retreated.

Knowing that your jewellery has come from the earth, with integral precious qualities and isn't a man-made substance is a fundamental factor of the attachment to our jewellery. It's natural and, like us all, truly unique.

RDLux x

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