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Summer Love

That summer feeling...sunshine on your skin, sand under your toes, sea breeze, fresh fruit, tropical scents, a warmth that surrounds you & long lazy days.

Whilst the events of 2020 so far mean we may not have been able to experience the moments that, for many of us, represent the essence of summer, along with being a delight for the senses and often a trigger for relaxing, unwinding and switching off, it's important to us to always embrace the seasons and at the moment that means making the most of every summer moment that comes our way in the UK.

Starting with a summer-frame of mind...

Carry little pieces of summer with you (well into the winter months too) - sea shells, floral shapes and textures reminiscent of the tropics like our Bamboo Hoops.

Shoreline Shell Earrings

Summer Flower Earrings

Adding gold tones paired with soft linens, cottons and silks is an instant way to brighten even a gloomy summer day (layer up for warmth if needed), add a touch of perfume that takes you back to a special place and finish with a fruit salad & a summer inspired playlist to lift your spirits.

One of our best sellers all year through, our Pineapple earrings were inspired by the luscious abundance of the Caribbean. Road-side stalls with rows of Pineapples, Palms which mimic Pineapple leaves and discovering Pineapples growing in the wild on a trek into the Jamaican forest. For us, these earrings are the epitome of summer.

When the temperature rises hair often begins to curl and become unruly - embrace it! Skip a blow dry and instead opt for beautiful products (preferably with natural based ingredients) to tame your hair and let it do it's thing! Add a beautiful silk hair scarf or scrunchie and a pair of statement earrings (like our Halo earrings above) for summer-luxe.

Visit our Pinterest to get more inspiration for Summer, the colder months and more. We create Boards captuing our biggest sources of inspiration, mixing inspiring images alongside our jewellery photography for styling ideas, general inspiration or just generally good vibes.

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