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4 Ways to create the Ultimate Ear Stack

With #EarStack and #EarParty being hot hashtags & a great way to create a truly personal jewellery look, we have captured our 4 top ways to create the ultimate #CuratedEar that is personal to you.

1. Choose a scale and size that suits you

Mixing and matching earrings is a really personal choice - you can opt to keep it all uniform and stick to either big or small earrings or go mis-match and mix the scale. Personally, we love being a bit more uniform for day to day and then add a statement earring for a more dressed up look.

Seen here:

2. Opt for cuffs instead of Piercings

Creating a layered look on your ears can require numerous piercings if you want to go the whole-hog but Ear Cuffs are a great alternative to add layers, different textures and the appearance of multiple piercings without the commitment or the pain!

Seen here:

3. Which Metal is right for you?

There is no rule that says you can't mix your metals and nowadays the more popular choice is to mix Silver, Gold and Rose Gold, however find the metal that you love the most (even if thats more than just one) and go with it - Ear stacks lend themselves to being a mix of pieces so this is a great way to make it personal.

Seen here (from top down):

4. Start with Hoops

If you're just starting out on creating your own go-to ear stack, or even if you're a pro and just want an everyday staple look Hoops are a great way to achieve this, mix and match with metals, textures and of course sizes to curate a sleek, modern look.

Seen here:

Left: Palm Huggies - available in two sizes & two metal finishes

Below: Sun Ray Hoops - Limited Edition

Let us know your favourite Ear Stack look below or tag us on Instagram @RDLux

RDLux x

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