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Our Fine 9ct Gold range of earrings is Limited Edition and Exclusive to our Online Shop. This beautiful selection of earrings are each beautifully detailed and finished - from etched and diamond cut facets to intricate patterns, sparkling stones and unusual shapes. 


The Astrology Hex Studs are delicate and chic. Inspired by shooting stars in the night-sky, these studs are diamond-cut with faceted lines representing the patterns left by the tail of a shooting star.


Shooting Stars appear as a fleeting flash of white light to the naked eye but are actually made up of a wide spectrum of brilliant colours - the details on these earrings are designed to catch the light and sparkle, imitating the natural wonder of a shooting star.




Astrology Hex Studs - 9ct Gold

  • Solid 9ct Gold - 1 pair of Stud Earrings

    (Can be sold as individual Studs - please contact us to enquire)

    Approx 5.5mm width

    Butterfly Back

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