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Our guide to relax, unwind & 'Hygge' on repeat

Our 6 Key Tips for everyday relaxation.

I think i was most likely a cat in a former life - i love my sleep, i love being warm and i also love being snuggled up and cosy. During a busy week, month or year, for me, taking time to relax and unwind is key. Particularly when holidays are few and far between, a long way off or even non-existent, it is key to spend as much time as possible doing things that make you feel calm, de-stressed and relaxed. Here are some of my top tips...

1. Luxe Lounge-wear

Luxe is all about the fabric and style of pieces you buy, for example, beautiful brushed-cotton pyjamas from the high street can be luxuriously comfortable and are easily paired with cashmere items (particularly socks). A beautiful robe is also a firm favourite - keep the fabric cosy and make sure the fit is comfortable. I'd also recommended investing in some really good tracksuits / lounge wear - for every day during Autumn and Winter these are a good staple for days at home.

2. Keep Jewellery on

Yes, jewellery should be removed before shower/bath/bed (see our Jewellery Care Guide here) but when I get in from work or after a busy day, it isn't the first thing I take off. As we wear jewellery during the day it adopts the same warmth as your skin, this means that you can wear and enjoy your favourite pieces comfortably, often forgetting they are even there once your skin has become accustomed and they have taken on warmth. They can also look beautiful next to cashmere or peeping out from beneath a luxe robe.

A great tip here is to keep the same jewellery on into the evening when you are out for an occasion - investing in beautiful and durable pieces that carry from day to night is often a lifesaver and will keep you comfortable even if you're tired from a long day.

3. Slipper obsession

I am a self-confessed slipper addict - I even have a designated 'new slipper' box. I currently have a pair of Emu Mayberry slippers on repeat and I truly love wearing sheepskin. My feet tend to get cold quickly and also influence my entire body temperature so sheepskin is great for moderating this. If you're not so keen on slippers, some really cosy, soft socks can be equally as relaxing - especially once they've warmed up on a radiator on Autumn/Winter evenings!

4. Fragrance & Scent

Scent is a really important aspect of our home and this carries across into my daily routine. I love finding new scents and identifying with something that really speaks to my personal style. I find it really interesting to see how women relate a scent to their look - certain fragrances for certain seasons, ingredients and scents that can transport us and take us back to a time or place, perhaps saved for special occasions. Along with jewellery, scent is a great way to finish a look and that includes a comfy look at home - being surrounded by a fragrance that comforts and soothes you is incredibly important. My current favourite is Tom Ford - Portofino Neroli which I have worn throughout summer and will continue to wear into Autumn/Winter - it takes me back to Spanish colognes that my mother used on us as children (and which we now use on our son) and is a really personal fragrance reference to me.

Candles are also a great and warming way to add fragrance to your home - the wood-wick ones are particularly cosy. My top tip with this is to always open a window, even if just slightly, when you have a candle burning to let fresh air in to

5. Healthy body, healthy mind

As we came into 2019 I made a self-commitment to get back to more good, home-cooked food with convenience with a busy working week having crept into our routine. I now do a weekly food planner on a Sunday night and use my (huge) Pinterest Food Board to get healthy ideas for the week. With both of our family heritage, my husband and I are accustomed to really delicious, home cooked food - neither of us ate ready meals growing up and we want our son to have the same experience. I have also set myself a goal to drink more - this is focused on water (i love Sparkling) but throughout my pregnancy I stopped drinking caffeine altogether and so have developed a bit of an addiction to Redbush (Roobios) tea which i now prefer to 'normal' tea and as a bonus is full of good, natural minerals and vitamins. We drink alot of herbal teas in our house - Camomile and Peppermint are also favourites.

Don't forget - treats are just as important but they don't always have to be really unhealthy - I often make Hot Chocolate with Coconut Milk and for coffee we drink flavoured granules (Beanies do a great flavour range) instead of adding syrups.

6. Be Inspired

Books & Magazines. As a creative & a designer, my mind if often a whirlwind of ideas, inspirations and designs. I also studied English Language at college and have always loved reading but it is a hobby I have somehow lost the time for, nevertheless, I do try and read wherever I can, for example, on holiday and some of my favourite books can transport me to a different time, place and culture - Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Memoirs of a Geisha, To Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo & Juliet to name a few.

I also love magazines and even in this digital age there is something about sitting down to read a beautifully curated magazine - favourites include Porter, Vogue Living Australia and unusual magazines that you can find abroad. Perfectly capturing a moment in time in hardcopy so as not to lose it into the abyss of social media and a great alternative to Instagram.

Let us know your top tips in the comments below and don't forget to Subscribe to receive notifications of our latest jewellery, Notebook posts & VIP offers.

RDLux x

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